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Marella Discovery (formerly Splendour of the Seas and TUI Discovery) is a former Royal Caribbean International Vision-class cruise ship now sailing for Marella Cruises. The second in the line of the Vision-class ships, she features a seven-story lobby, rock-climbing wall, and a 9-hole miniature golf course.

Marella cruises need serious update and water has to be paid, according to a review at

"The cabin was old, tired and next to the engine on the fourth floor. The noise from the engine when at sea and when docking was so loud it was unbearable. We had no sleep and the cabin shook so much all the fittings fell of the walls, Lights were broken, curtains stained and bare wires hung over the bed. The shower was filthy, mold on all the tiles, grout and walls, and rust all over the door with broken fixtures. The toilet was broken and kept overflowing getting blocked. The corridor smelled of sewerage all the time. We asked to be moved and were told the ship was full. The second week the sheep was also full. By this time we were very tired due to lack of sleep and we left when we docked in barbados as I could not stand another night on that ship. The Bar was dirty, veryting was ticky with poor quality drinks. Beware all cocktails come from Slush machines that are all ice no alocohol. You have to pay for water !!! The food was very poor and very tiny portions. We hated every minute on this cruise"


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"I worked at Bird Marella Cons: No mentorship, difficult bosses, little upward mobility."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Bird Marella full-time Cons: Strict work schedule, low flexibility."

Holiday Representative (Former Employee) says

"Each to their own found higher management didn't care for you unless the camera was on them apartment's that you get don't even have a TV and to them that's not a problem but you can't use the company laptop to watch anything the weather is probably the best thing Cons: Long hours early hours hardly any pay"

Holiday Representative (Former Employee) says

"this was the worst job very bad mangagement and very selfish people working in this company had the worst experince ever in a working atmosphere totally used and abuse by working company"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst companies I have ever worked for! Cons: Most of the job!"

Supervisore (Former Employee) says

"Grande aspettativa prima di lavorare per il colosso tedesco, e insieme alla grande aspettativa e' arrivata la grande delusione purtroppo."

MI Developer (Former Employee) says

"Disjointed company with really awful management who really don’t know what they are doing and fight amongst each other. End of year forces a cull of staff as they te-evaluate budgets. Brutal. Cons: Plenty"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"if you never had experience in travel then don't even bother you are just a added number to other people that have got experience and that they already have the people in mind. sat in a group all talking about rubbish that don't involve travel, if you haven't been to college or don't have a pretty prefect life then this job is not for you. you do a math test so brush up on your euro and dollar but if you fail that then pointless doing the rest. Cons: dont apply and think you got a chance"

Senior advisor (Former Employee) says

"They do not look after their staff and there is no room for progression. They say they like to promote from within but that is not the case. You are not given a fair chance and are not based on your capability to do the job. The wages do not reflect the job you do and are not meeting the standard living wage. I would never work there again nor would I recommend anyone else to"

Rep+Airport Rep (Former Employee) says

"Turkiye icin maasi merak eden arkadaslar. Asgari ucret 2324 tl yani 350 euro.+ yolu kendiniz karsiliyorsunuz.Diyeceklerim bu kadar!"

Destination Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Tui for 30 years almost and my last year was the worst experience ever, how they treated me so unprofessionally and not to the HR process Cons: so many cons new management within the TUI GREECE area"

Retail manager (Former Employee) says

"Ok if your face fits"

ruolo barman (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato presso tuo magic Life Calabria i manager incompetenti al massimo livello detto questo detto tutto"

Travel Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the Southampton store I was bullied and picked on by management I felt it was an easy job but the pay was shocking and this meant that I left"

Children Rep (Former Employee) says

"I am usually not a person to write a review and even I did, never done one for a particular company/job. Cons: Long hours, nasty colleagues, bullying, poor management"

Kids Rep (Former Employee) says

"My privacy was not protected. I was bullied at work and my manager just said "maybe you should go home". Cons: Long hours, bullying, poor sallary, left alone with issues"

Representative (Former Employee) says

"Ik heb het ongeluk gehad om voor tui, repteam Malaga te werken. Je krijgt geen geschikte opleiding ( elke dag iemand anders), het team waarin je terecht komt is zogezegd professioneel maar hangt met haken en ogen aan elkaar. Er wordt geroddeld, ruzie gemaakt, sommige teamleden doen gewoon hun eigen zin, je wordt van alles beloofd maar krijgt niks, of toch niet op tijd. Na veertien dagen werd ik op een zeer onmenselijke manier na een shift van meer dan 11 uur, aan de kant gezet. Ik moest zogezegd naar een meeting komen die 70 km van mijn woonplaats lag om daar precies 5 minuten te zijn."

Training (Former Employee) says

"I worked for TUi and I can honestly say it's the worst experience of my life. Terrible management. Cons: Awful management. Terrible pay."

Havalimani elemani (Former Employee) says

"Maaş 1500€ istiyorum dememe ragmen beni samsundan cagirdilar 4 dil biliyorum türkçe dahil ..Fakat verdikleri maaş 2170tl yani asgari ücret çalisma saatleri uzun izin yok ve stress altinda calişmami istediler bende 2170tl ye 4 dil bilen sabikasiz birini bulursaniz banada haber edin dedim ve çalismadim 1000km yol yaptirdilar bana 4 gün bekletti̇ler ve asgari ucret vereceklermis ;) 👎👎👎👎👎 Cons: Arti yönü hiç yok"

Airport Representative (Former Employee) says

"Salary , benefit is just awfull and also they require from you provide your own transportation to work also they tell you competitive salary its just officially minumum money . Managing just awfull tui doesnt provide equal money like the other europe country . mean dont work this company in turkey. Cons: Nothing"

Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worked for TUI for 3 years and the pay was shocking, they wanted you to do more and more but changed the way that commission was calculated from a turnover rating to a per person, then changed it back as it's "what colleagues wanted" - rubbish we earned more when it was per person than based on turnover which is why they changed it back. The benefits didn't make up for the rubbish pay. I had 4 full turn overs of staff including managers, and forget trying to move up unless your "face fits" - won't ever recommend working for them to anyone!!"

animation (Current Employee) says

"Mensonges à l'égard du personnel qui n'est qu'une marchandise déshumanisé. Cons: trop"

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